A Ladies’ Luncheon

medium_first_lady_s_luncheon.jpgYesterday I had the privilege of attending the Congressional Club First Lady’s Luncheon. I had a wonderful day with 3 of my sisters. In fact, that was probably the only “downer” of the day, that we couldn’t have all 5 girls together. The ballroom at the Washington Hilton looked just stunning, with over 150 tables with gorgeous tall silver centerpieces with a beautiful flower arrangements, burgundy colored irridescent tablecloths. To look over the room and see all the lovely women in the luncheon garb with the table decorations was a wonderful sight.

The theme of the luncheon was “The First Americans.” For those studying Native Americans, here’s the menu to inspire you, created by Chef William Miller, of Hilton Washington:

5 Tribes Salad
Wild and Dandelion Greens, Presented with
Sun Dried Cranberries, Gala Apples,
Corn, Squash, Beans & Pine Nuts
Dressed with Roasted Turnip Vinaigrette

Sequoyah Supreme
Succulent Sage and Lemon Citrus Chicken
with Huitlacoche Demi
Blue Corn & Wild Rice Pancake
with Corn Souffle Stack
Sunburst Patty Pan Squash, Baby Zucchini & Red Bell Pepper

One Spirit Surprise
Maize Infused Ice Cream with Berry Relish
Served in a Pecan Laced Cookie Shell

Corn Muffins Three
2004 Pinot Gris and Scharffenberger Brut
Coffee and Tea

I enjoyed figuring out which foods were the native American influence.

I couldn’t help smile to see corn muffins at this luncheon — after baking them for ds and hearing him talk about his “Special bread” just the day before.

I do not recommend infusing corn in your ice cream, unless you just can’t get enough of the taste of corn.

The main meal was delicious and even though it was a ladies’ luncheon, we didn’t leave the table hungry.

Before leaving I bought a few copies of The Congressional Club Cookbook, one for me and others as gifts. I couldn’t resist — I really don’t need one more cookbook, but it’s just gorgeous, with leather binding and gilded pages, and quite thick. It’s full of recipes, but also nice pictures of former First Ladies with their husbands and little tidbits from past years at the White House.

What a wonderful day to be with sisters and enjoy the food and entertainment, see the First Lady Laura Bush and other distinguished guests, and just savor the moment.