Eve of St. Nicholas

I haven’t forgotten about my cooking blog, it’s just that we do so much traveling in the fall that I don’t have much creativity in the kitchen. Now that Advent has begun, I have begun to pull out the recipes for our family traditions.

I realized how little I’ve been baking when I mixed the dough for the speculaas cookies last night, preparing for our St. Nicholas Cookie Baking Party tonight. I really love the taste of those cookies. I only bake them once a year, and every year I think I’ll be tired of them…and I’m not. We substitute all butter for the lard, so it’s 2 cups of butter. Rich, tasty and once a year indulgence!

I have to admit that baking is now a bittersweet time for me. So much joy and memories come from baking certain recipes…and I am saddened to think that some things I may never be able to share with my son. I pray that he will outgrow the food allergies, but he might not. And I think of how many people never will lose their allergies. I don’t like placing importance in food, but family time and traditions are usually around meals and dessert.

I am attempting an allergy free version of this speculaas, and will post with the results later.