Welcome to my little cookbook in cyberspace!

I am not a gourmet cook, nor a chef, but I enjoy food. I love reading and trying out recipes. The number of cookbooks on my shelves are starting to rival my children’s books, particularly on cooking for the Liturgical Year.

Food is not just about eating. Throughout the Gospels you can see how large a role food and meals played in His life, particularly institution of the Sacrament of the Eucharist with bread and wine at the Passover Meal changed into His Body and Blood. The food can become the backdrop to other elements: nourishment, comfort, socialization, teachable moments, family togetherness, incorporating the senses, culture, history and religion. Another motivator is to serve nutritious but delicious meals for my family, particularly my husband. Remember the saying: “winning a man’s heart through his stomach”? I’ve won my husband’s heart, but I try to keep the embers burning bright by serving a variety and what he loves.

My particular interests in foods lie in two distinct areas, although I hope to have them converge smoothly. First, cooking for Christ, particularly by following the Liturgical Year in the kitchen. I unite myself with Him on the altar, and then bring Christ to the kitchen and table. The Liturgical Year covers the feasts, seasons and the family days of the year — in short, it encompasses the ebbs and flows of our family life. And this unites my little domestic church with the Mystical Body, the Church.

In the Catholic Church’s Liturgical year, a weekday within the liturgical calendar not marked for a feast is referred to as Feria. And that is what daily life consists of: feasts and feria.

But I am also the mother of two boys who both have severe food allergies. The oldest can’t have wheat, eggs and dairy, the second is “only” allergic to eggs. Not having these ingredients limits us to our food choices. I try to serve our main meal allergen free that we all can eat together, so I’m in constant search for tasty dishes to serve. The traditional fare for some liturgical feasts usually call for the forbidden allergens. So I am striving to celebrate the liturgy in our home in ways that can fit our needs. I have to be a professional tweaker and adapter of recipes. And if tweaking existing traditions doesn’t work, I have to be creative to find alternatives that bring Christ to our meal.

I will focus on creating dairy, milk and egg free recipes, but I will include others, too. This blog is the record of my flops, failures and triumphs…and all those in between.

I’d love to hear from you! Contact me at jennifergmillerNOSPAM@NOSPAMgmail.com (remove the NOSPAM)


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